Make a conscious effort to “look at things differently”. Step outside your comfort zone. Drive down the road you always pass but never have time for. New experiences spark new ideas and bridge the gap to true innovation.

Ask the deeper questions. Who is this for and how will they use this? Don’t just study the problem, but study the people in an actual environment. Watch their reactions. Successful brands and products run on emotion.

Don’t be afraid to explore the crazy ideas. You may not use them, but the actual exploration process can generate more ideas that can ultimately solve the problem.


Collaborate often. You can’t break boundaries stuck in a bubble. I always encourage the free flow of ideas with everyone on a project.

Chad Miller is an award winning graphic designer with a strong background in brand development and licensed product design. For 28 years he has worked with a variety of design studios, corporate creative departments, and boot strap start-ups to launch successful brands and create story-telling products. The list of companies include: Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld, ZN Animation China, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, Panama de Canál, Nestle, GModelo / Corona, Pepsi, Motorola, & Titleist.





"As a creative professional I’m often asked, “how do you get inspired”? I usually reply with; "follow the rules”. Sounds non-creative I know, but here they are…




It’s the little techniques that create huge results. Practicing these on a daily basis leads me to the “big idea", helps forge a better solution, and pushes a project beyond the expected. So if you would like to work with someone who’s not afraid to ask “what if”, please go to the contact page and send a message.